Sunday, September 02, 2012

September 2  - Sunday in Dublin

Written in the Faculty Lounge while awaiting the bus to take me and others on a literary pub tour.

The majority of our shipboard community are traveling overland in Ireland from Galway to Dublin on SAS-sponsored and independent travel.  Those of us who elected to travel to Dublin by ship enjoyed a special sit down dinner last night with  our courses, including wine, served to us.  It was more like a cruise but fun.  Our foursome had a lively conversation about the Election and other topics.

Our schedule changes so often, it is hard to say that there's a regular routine onboard except for meals which are served cafeteria style in two different dining halls, one of which has an outside area which is most pleasant when the weather cooperates.

I've been to one yoga class and one time in the gym and have not been in the pool at all because when I've been free, the weather has been too cold or misty, or I've had a class.

There are lots of lifelong learners of all ages aboard, and it's fun to meet them as well as the students.  I'm still trying to learn people's names.

Lots of Containers -- these say "Norfolk Logistics"
Arriving Dublin

Spotted this American destroyer in the port of Dublin ----

This morning coming into port, I photographed the tugboat maneuvering us into place.

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