Saturday, September 01, 2012

Another Post From Semester at Sea

Ed. Note:  Blogger is a fairly clunky mechanism for a blog, but it's what I use.  Thus, I will try to post shorter and more frequently and sometimes with pics only at bottom of page.  Also, because of this, please excuse typos and grammatical errors.  I am writing not the finished product I would prefer.  This is #2 so please read #1 FIRST (posted earlier today). 
 Pre-Galway (August 29, 2012)
I awoke around 5 a.m. to the ship rocking starboard to port with accompanying squeaking and groaning sounds.  The water has been rough the last couple of days, with the outer decks closed because of high winds and the waves reaching heights of 15-17 feet.  We had encountered a storm – not a hurricane – but a North Atlantic storm as we continue our journey across the Ocean.  We are more than midway now to our goal, Galway which we should reach by Friday.
I am beginning to have a routine, but of course it will all change when we reach Galway followed by a series of ports.  Today will begin the third round of my classes, which will finish up tomorrow.  Then we only have intermittent classes until after we leave Antwerpen.
Despite a schedule, I forget some things.  I missed a faculty reception last night simply because keeping track of my classes (including the Spanish and short story ones I’m sitting in on) and doing my email (every other day) are all I can manage.
Even the pre-port lectures in the evening have been occasions I watch from my cabin on the closed circuit TV because I still feel I need some time to myself.  Last night’s lectures were really good about England – with Warren Boeschenstein giving a history of London and then hitting the highlights of where to visit.  Others chimed in with similar information and also gave some information about Southampton itself.
I am struggling with Spanish and remembering vocabulary although my teacher,  Andrea Smith is excellent.  She speaks clearly and with expression.  I willl persist as it seems that SAS is a good opportunity to renew my minuscule knowledge of Spanish. More pictures from the journey:     
Winston Churchill statue, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Leaving Halifax, parents et al.

St Nicholas Church graveyard, Galway, Ireland

Karen Boeschenstein & Linda Kobert in Galway

  A Wood Nymph Performing/Modeling in Galway

  MV Explorer anchored off Galway

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